About us


About Tríade

The Tríade was founded in 2011 in Chapecó, west of Santa Catarina. At the beginning, our work was focused on conducting technical engineering and safety inspections, adequacy projects and technical reports that met the main Regulatory Standards of the Brasilian Ministry of Labour and Employment, such as NR11, NR13 and NR18.

We had, and still have, as the main differential of our company our professionals, who brought more than 15 years of experience in specific engineering areas, engineering projects and industrial equipment inspections.

All that experience made us see that we could do more. In 2016, we renewed our visual identity and participated as an exhibitor, for the first time, of Mercoagro. This milestone in our history has strengthened many commercial ties with regional customers and leveraged our brand beyond Santa Catarina.

From then on, we serve customers from all over Brazil!

Now, we are extrapolating the borders of our country, with customers in various countries of South America. And, we want more. We can more!


Our constant work is make the difference for your company. And this effort is recognized for the excellence of our services and products.

Tríade Qualidade
Policy of Quality

To provide excellent services in the projects and inspection of static and dynamic equipment, with team of trained employees, overcoming the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders, generating results and continuous improvement of processes.

Tríade Objetivos
  • Exceed customers' expectations;

  • Continuously improve processes;

  • Continuous training of our employees;

  • Generate results that allow the growth of TRÍADE and our clients;

  • Monitor interested parties.

Tríade Missão

To guarantee the quality of projects, the integrity of machines, aiming at the safety of customers and partners.

Tríade Missão

To be a reference in the design and inspection of machinery and equipment in the South, Southeast and Midwest of Brazil.

Tríade Valores

Ethics, customer focus, punctuality, technology, pro-activity and teamwork.

Tríade Certificado Qualidade
ISO 9001/2015 Certification


We conduct our business in an ethical way. We value transparency in our relationships. Our values guide our actions.


Compliance with laws, regulations and norms: our initiatives and actions are guided by unconditional compliance with all laws, regulations and standards applicable internally and externally.

Transparency and truthfulness of information: our commitment is to inform and dialogue with our relationship network accurately and transparently.

Health and safety: we respect life by providing a safe and healthy environment, we promote the improvement of the quality of life at work, these are commitments of all of us.


Intellectual property: manuals and methodologies created during the performance of the functions of employees and trainees are intellectual property. The use or dissemination of unauthorized or illegally obtained copies of any material is not permitted.

Valuation of diversity: we do not tolerate any attitude of discrimination, disqualification, intimidation and embarrassment on grounds of race or ethnicity, age, religion, gender, physical appearance, socioeconomic status, disability, color, sex and sexual orientation.

No to child and forced labor: we repudiate any organization that adopts practices of child or forced labor (analogous to slave labor).

Bribes, kickbacks and other undue payments: We prohibit any employee from making or receiving irregular payments in negotiations with the aim of obtaining direct or indirect advantages.

Favors and advantages: it is not allowed to accept or offer favors and advantages linked to commercial activities.

Abuse of power and harassment: we reject the practice of abuse of power and harassment of any kind.


It is our permanent commitment to seek the best solutions that meet the needs presented by our customers, contributing to the sustainability and growth of your business.


In our relationship with suppliers we value mutual respect, transparency and cordiality. Always with the laws and/or regulations that govern our organization guiding us.

Government and society

Relationship with Unions: We defend and support the promotion of collective and fair negotiations without obtaining advantages through manipulation or privileged information.

Relationship with the State: We prohibit the use of any unethical means in relations with public agents.

Relationship with the Society: we are committed to promoting the development of society, contributing with social, cultural actions, improvement of the quality of life and promotion of citizenship.

Who does Tríade

Anderson Piaia dos Santos

Administrative Director of Commerce.
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, post-graduated in Project Management and Safety at Work Engineering.
He has extensive experience in the management of works and large contracts.


It is our commitment to sustainable development that complies the current environmental legislation and conduct our business with social and environmental responsibility.