NR 18

NR18: Working Conditions and Environment in the Construction Industry

In practice, NR18 dictates which procedures, devices and attitudes should be observed in each of the activities carried out in a construction site.
It is important to note that the rules established by it do not only address employers of construction, the standard is also applied to companies of services linked to demolition, repairs, paintings, cleaning and maintenance of buildings, as well as development and landscaping companies.
The main objective of NR18 is to ensure the highest possible level of safety for workers, Tríade, in compliance with the norm, offers the following services:


  • Inspection of load lifts, cranes, suspended scaffolding (Jaú), column hoist, technical report issued;

  • Issue of reports and suitability projects in compliance with regulatory standards and other technical standards in force;

  • Plans for the handling of loads;

  • Loading plans for cranes.