NR 13

NR13: Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Pipes

The goal of NR13 is to create a safe environment for employees of companies operating with boilers and pressure vessels and their pipes. The norm is mandatory, therefore, it has force of law and mandatory for all companies that operate with this type of equipment.
It establishes responsibilities and ideal conditions for installation, operation, maintenance and inspection of machinery.
By relying on accident checks that occur due to failure or absence of safety valves, NR13 is critical to your company’s smooth operation, and we help you maintain the legality and safety of your equipment and processes:

  • Initial, periodic and extraordinary security inspections;

  • Reconstitution of technical documentation of boilers and pressure vessels;

  • Diligence and inspection of manufacture, with the preparation of technical records for boilers and pressure vessels;

  • Assessment of integrity with determination of remaining life for boilers;

  • Preparation of piping flow charts;

  • Maintenance and calibration of safety devices (safety valves and gauges).