Rigid Systems

System for fall retaining rigid horizontal line of life

The Tríade® PreviQ® Track is a modular hard rail system used in horizontal life lines and with diverse applicability.
The set consists of the trole Tríade® PreviQ® Trolley, a revolutionary equipment that locks in the event of a fall and still allows the operator to rescue itself.
The whole system was developed with the aim of improving workers' safety, so it indicates the falls and allows the identification of near-accidents.

Some features that distinguish the Tríade® PreviQ® Track:

  •  Length: modules for 3- and 6-metre spans;

  • Configuration: single or double;

  •  trolley: Tríade® PreviQ® Trolley;

  •  Material: ASTM A36 carbon steel or ANSI 304 stainless steel;

  • Finishing

  • Carbon steel:

    • duplex system, cold galvanized background and coated with hot cured powder (polyester/polyamide).

    • Stainless steel: blasting with steel granule;

  • Optional: retractable drop locks, safety belts and sliding drop locks for access to the platform.


When choosing to work with us, you will have your project developed by specialized team. We deliver the equipment with manual use and operation. The installation is also made by our team.The system is painted in safety yellow color (Munsell 5Y 8/12), for other color options, consult one of our experts.

linha de vida rígida Tríade Previq Cargo
Fall retention system for loading/unloading of trucks and trains.

The Tríade® PreviQ®Cargo is a modular system that ensures greater safety and protection against falls during the process of loading/unloading of trucks and trains.
It is a robust equipment, composed of steel-laminated structural profiles, main connections made with high-strength screws and reinforced clamping shoes that ensure a perfect anchorage, as well as quality and durability for the assembly.
We use the hard rail system Tríade® PreviQ® Track and the trole Tríade® PreviQ® Trolley, which, in case of fall, locks. In addition to enabling the auto rescue of the operator, the system also indicates the fall and identifies the near accidents.
To complete the safety of the system, the access to the body/wagon is done by platform that meets the requirements determined by brazilian norms NR12 and NR35.

Below are some of the differentials of the Tríade® PreviQ®Cargo:

  • L (individual discharge) or T (double discharge) system for loading and unloading applications;

  • Length: configurations for spans of 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18 metres;

  • Free height: 6,5 metres;

  • Anchoring: fixed by shoes and sinkers;

  • For Material: structural profiles of ASTM A572 rolled steel, ASTM A36 plates and ASTM A325 fire galvanised structural screws;

  • Finishing: cold galvanised duplex system with powder coating (polyester/polyamide) cured;

  • Trail: default Tríade® PreviQ® Track, single or double configuration;

  • Trolley: Tríade standard; PreviQ® Trolley;

  •  Optional: retractable drops, safety belts, sliding drops (platform access).

When you choose the Tríade, your project is done by specialists with more than 15 years of market.
We deliver the equipment properly installed, with manual of use, operation and production.
All equipment is painted in safety yellow color (Munsell 5Y 8/12), other colors on request.