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Triad and Engepoli

Inspeção industrial
Industrial Technical Inspection

The Tríade consists of a team formed by specialized engineers and technicians to offer complete solutions for technical inspections os security, so that you can focus on what matters most: your business!

What we do

Linhas de vida
Fall Protection

Tríade develops, manufactures and installs drop protection systems for the most varied applications and customized according to your company’s needs. You can also count on a technical team engaged in making work easier and safer!

Projetos de engenharia
Special Projects

The Tríade creates customized solutions in metal structures, load lifting systems, anchorages, protection in machinery and others. All projects are customized and developed so that we can arrive faster and easier to solve your problem.

Logo Tríade
We make it happen

We started in 2011, in the city of Chapecó with technical engineering and safety inspections, adequacy projects and technical reports .

From 2016 we reinvented ourselves, we saw that we could reach and serve customers from other locations, especially by having our team formed by specialists with more than 15 years of experience in specific engineering areas, engineering projects and industrial equipment inspections.

Today we are experts in industrial inspection, design, manufacturing and assembly of systems for protection against falls. We develop our own equipment and serve customers from all over Brazil and South America.

Logo Tríade

We were born out of your needs.
Why trust the safety of your employees in who are not an expert?

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“We can count on the Tríade to carry out projects, calculations and engineering reports. Tríade team always provide us with effective and quick solutions for our segment.”

Yara Dias, Engineer of work security.”

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